Sunday, September 13, 2009

More seven minute icing

Will I ever get the hang of this sticky bloody stuff?

I do think this week's attempt was a bit better than last. Inside is three layers of red velvet cake (freaking delicious stuff) with icing in between. It looked fantastic when it was cut up. As soon as the bright red knife came out of the cake everybody reacted like they were five years old again. It was great.

Do you remember the original Women's Weekly birthday cake book?

I'm sure there was a ghost cake in there that required this kind of glossy icing. I think I need to scour the second hand shops and get a copy. The new version just isn't the same.


  1. I think Rhonda has an old copy... I'll ask her..

  2. I WOULD LOVE THAT! The new one doesn't even have a proper train cake in it...