Saturday, September 19, 2009

Planet Cake - Basics 101

Ta daaaaaaaaa!! Not bad for a first attempt at rolled fondant icing, no?! It was a fantastic day at Planet Cake. Previously I'd wanted to do a course but had baulked at the cost, so I'm happy to say that it was completely 100% worth the $$$.

The day started at 10am when we were presented with a heavy chocolate mud cake and a tub of chocolate ganache. The mud had to be split in three layers and filled with ganache, like this:

And then some more ganache, smoothed evenly all over and with perfect crisp edges (note that the time between the picture above and the picture below is approximately an hour - this was a NIGHTMARE!):

Next was a lot of fiddling, kneading and playing with the icing. Naturally I chose very sooky girly colours, yellow and pink. Oh, and and mine was an 'exploding flowers' cake not an 'exploding stars'...

Anyway, in order to create the 'exploding' effect of the cake several layers of icing were required. ARGH! Cornflour was everywhere. It gives me the heebie jeebies in a similar way to fingernails on a blackboard.

Now for some pink icing! Enormously challenging to get it to sit flat on the cake. More ARGH!

Now for the 'exploding' effect:

Now I've skipped a few steps - rolling out decorative icing bits and bobs and gluing them on, attaching sugar flowers to metal wire etc. This is where I got to be a bit more creative.

Look at all the cakes!

In conclusion, I need to start saving my pocket money for Basics 102.


  1. oh my lord that is bloody amazing! Well done chicken!!

  2. Did you eat it as well? How did it taste?

  3. It wasn't bad at all. At planet cake they buy in the cakes from elsewhere to use, so I wasn't sure that it would taste too great, so it was a pleasant shock. I shared the cake today with three kids (9 year old twins and a twelve year old) who were all suitably enthused!

  4. You really are stepping up this whole cake baking thing... impressive, if not a little overwhelming!!!!!