Saturday, October 10, 2009

Dessert tables

(Dessert table by o holy sweet)

What's not to love? As I said in my post yesterday we are having a dessert table at our wedding which will be laid out based on the beautiful image above. It will be the middle of summer which to me just screams out berries, summer puddings, pavlova and ice cream. So imagine something like the collection of images below...

For more dessert table inspiration check out the wonderful work of Amy Atlas at


  1. omg....delicious on SO many levels!! yummmmm! I remember at my sister's wedding (WAY back in the day) they had the dessert buffet filled with delicious goodies and big jugs of raspberry coulis to pour liberally over everything....mmmmm......

    We're having a candy bar....see i told you i'm a victim of the machine!

  2. I love the candy bar idea too, but my heart truly lies with sugary, creamy, custardy items so I must be true to them...