Friday, October 9, 2009

Four reasons to love etsy

(Cake topper by Suebeehb)

(Customised cake topper by Middelburg)

(Daschund cake topper by bunnywithatoolbelt)

(Customised bride and groom cake topper by goosegrease)

We have already met with Libby to design our wedding cake and it's going to be a stunner, a very elegant three tiered beauty inspired by our wedding invitation design. The colours will blend in with my berry themed dessert table - which will be bowls of cherries, berry trifles, mini pavlovas, mini summer puddings and nougat. Berries are summer. Who wants chocolate mousse in February... anyway, I digress... more on dessert tables later I promise.
But part of me kinda sorta really wants to get some daschund cake toppers anyway...
1.Meaningful - R and I bonded over mutual concern for daschund back pain very early in our relationship (seriously)
2. Different - not supporting wedding industrial complex (read more about that here on A Practical Wedding -
3. Supporting 'the arts' (vague assertion here, clearly I am desperate to find pros)
1. People might think I am a daschund owner or breeder (thus facilitating cruelty to animals)
2. I have a (sick) fantasy that photos of my dessert table will feature in Martha Stewart Weddings and poster painted daschunds would kill the dream
3. It would be in start contrast to rest of wedding which is heavily 'informed' by wedding industrial complex. I know, I know, it's sick. I say 'informed' because whilst I might check 5 different wedding blogs a day I am not yet at the point of releasing white doves or pouring different coloured vessels of sand into a single vessel (which incidentally I think is hilarious.) The fact that I even used the term 'vessel' is equally hilarious. There is a lot of wank about weddings isn't there?


  1. O no!!! i think i am having a bird-themed topper!! and i KNOW bugalugs would have a dove release if i would let him....aaaack i am falling victim to the wedding machine!!! noooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Don't worry. 50% of the time I am a victim (I have a wedding PA to help on the day for god's sake) and the other 50% of the time I am defiant DIY type creature... loopy!

  3. OMG i just went onto that website to find out what WIC really meant... and then clicked onto one of the links from her site to a woman who did a wedding for under $2000... now that's crazy! hehehe

    I love all these caketoppers - they're so gorgeous! i say go for it! ps. your dessert table sounds fantabulous and ps. who is your wedding PA? that is a brilliant idea :) takes the stress from you.