Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I had a nightmare

that the canapes for our wedding consisted of platters and platters of fluoro garlic bread... at least 500 slabs of it... in the dream some of them were also topped with giant bricks of pumpkin frittata. Hardly the elegant summer soiree I had in mind - I woke up sweating.

Truth be told there are worse things than feeding people garlic bread. In fact if I had taken my Little's advice regarding the 'perfect' wedding menu we would be all dining on lasagne. After all, as Little succinctly put it, 'everyone LOVES lasagne.'

Hot melted cheese and butter. Fatty meat. Dripping oil. Not what I'd want to eat in the middle of February in Australia...

Anyway, these are pointless ramblings so I'll shut up now. Tomorrow I am going to a choux pastry making class with my mama so I should have something a little less putrid and a little more delicious to post later in the week. I am expending a lot of energy hoping and wishing that I learn how to make beautiful eclairs.

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