Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Ooh la la

The spoils - Chocolate mousse, chocolate pistachio eclairs and pear tart tatin! The class finished approximately one hour and 23 minutes ago and most of this box has been devoured.

I got to wield a blow torch to release the mousses (mice?) from their moulds. Awesome.

The class wasn't as hands on as others I've done, lots was prepared prior to the class, but it was great to get a handle on working with choux pastry and making caramel. It was also vastly entertaining being taught French techniques by a wranger Venetian called Axle - 'now look-a at the caramelllll-a, it is changing-a-brown'!

And of course working in a commercial kitchen was fantastic (especially compared to my 'temporary' kitchen at home... big sigh...)

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