Friday, November 27, 2009

I wish we celebrated Thanksgiving in Australia

Why? Meet Larry. He is the (brain)child of Hello Cupcake! Nuff said.
Actually no, I do have more. I just joined the Hello Cupcake! club which means a monthly cupcake challenge. This month it's making a pumpkin themed cupcake which I deduce is something to do with Thanksgiving rather than Halloween. The Hello Cupcake! book has some suggestions however these mainly involve orange sugar and twizzlers which appear to be strangers to our shore. Anyhoo, I've got til Tuesday to come up with something...
Can anyone think of any orange lollies? Or ways of orange-ing cake?


  1. what about using orange segments dipped in chocolate or chocolate oranges (you can get amazing ones at Haighs!)
    a lot of things have orange flavour but are white - like tic tacs
    orange jelly beans? orange skittles?
    orange M&M's? we really lack creativity here in aus with lollies - america has so much more choice!

  2. I found instructions online on how to colour sugar - so I now have bright orange sugar to play with!! It's probably a good thing I don't live in America, I'd go nuts with all the choice and end up elephantine!!