Saturday, November 28, 2009

Saturday afternoon with the Masterchef Cookbook

This morning at Woolworths we were eyeing off a festive display which had the Masterchef Cookbook as a central display piece. The Celebrity Masterchef finale this week has had R dreaming and salivating over the very idea of profiteroles. The book has Adriano Zumbo's recipe. SOLD.

The choux pastry worked! The creme patissiere not so much. It was incredibly runny so as soon as I put it in a piping bag it started oozing out the tip so I held the bag back and then it began falling out the top of the bag on to the bench, on to the floor, on to my arm, in to my glass of water... ooze city. It did taste fantastic though. I almost licked the bench top, although the water custard mix was less appealing.

Finally I used a Martha recipe to make a chocolate icing. It was great. GO MARTHA!

I was proud of my final effort, despite the oozy messy look of it all. I'd love to make a croquembouche but I think I'll need a bit more practice first!

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