Thursday, December 3, 2009

Deliciousness from Delicious magazine

I am an obsessive reader of ABC Delicious magazine to the point that I intuitively know what day it will arrive on our doorstep. It happens when I'm sitting on the light rail heading home from work, a big wave of expectation out of nowhere. Weird.

Anyway, can you guess what these ingredients do when you put them all together?

They become...TURKISH DELIGHT ICE CREAM TERRINE! I found the recipe in the November edition of Delicious and started salivating.

Pretty much I had to mix it all together and bung it in a cake tin lined with glad wrap. And freeze it overnight. And open the freezer door to look at it quite frequently. Sometimes I would also poke it with my finger for good measure.

And I had to make a rose flavoured syrup.

Unfortunately I think a full 24 hours in the freezer was a bit excessive. It crumbled when I cut it. The turkish delight glued to the hot knife I attempted to cut the damn thing with. It had weird glad wrap marks all over it.

But it looked pretty.

And it tasted like a bunch of flowers crossed with ice cream crossed with some kind of tulle skirt, which mainly means that it tasted like yum.


  1. great job Em! this looks so pretty and slightly too adventurous for me! Delicious is a brilliant magazine - the girls at work get it and i photocopy recipes out of it all the time!