Monday, December 7, 2009

Guest Post: LANYC's 'crazy ass' Halloween creation

LANYC is my 'all that's good* in America' correspondent, my link to the edible delights of the land of stars and stripes. I'm very happy to bring to you one of her spectacular Halloween creations and her musings on this 'crazy ass' deliciousness. I feel great joy when I look at her pictures and see 'sticks of butter' rather than just reading about them in my cookbooks. Mainly this creation just makes me repeat 'holy crap' out loud and sigh in wonder to myself.

*By 'good' read fat and calorie laden, full of unpronounceable man made ingredients, lurid coloured and tasty

Away with my ramblings, I will hand you over to LANYC:

Holidays in America invariably involve seasonal candy*. The biggest candy-fest of them all, however, is Halloween. There's lurid yellow sugar-covered marshmallow chicks called 'Peeps'. There's variegated yellow, orange and white squishy triangles of candy corn (tasting oddly like butter and are primarily constituted of corn syrup). There's choc-covered marshmallow pumpkins. And then, of course, there's the regular candy, featuring holiday-appropriate 'spooky' colours, or just packaged with a picture of a ghost where a happy animal mascot used to be. Everyone in New York seems to be driven to be in possession of massive amounts of seasonal treats for Halloween because no one really wants to find out what happens if you take sugar-high children up on the trick part of their 'trick or treat' offer.

But the seasonal candy is actually kind of gross.

Irrespective of grossness, I hate throwing things away, so I decided to trawl the interweb in search of the magic recipe that would turn my bulging Ziploc bag of sugary Halloween fungross into just plain funyum. I found it in a Serious Eats posting by cakespy, here.

This pie was almost more fun to make than it was to eat - with all that choppin
g, arranging and sampling of various candy bits - but seeing peoples eyes widen as I handed them a slice of 'candy massacre pie' was great too. I based my version on cakespy's but swapped-in my own favourite crust recipe, and used the candy I had to hand (mostly M&Ms, Tootsie Rolls, mini marshmallows, fun-size Snickers, and Cookies 'n' Cream Hersheys bars). Also, I like a bit of crunch and a bit of salt with my massive doses of sweet, so I mixed Rice Crispies (A.K.A. Rice Bubbles) in with the filling, and topped the whole thing with salted pretzels. The latter addition also made the pie look considerably prettier.

Even if there's no Halloween candy where you live. Even if, actually, there's no real Halloween celebration, I'd advise you to think outside the box on this one - Christmas or Easter confectionery would work equally well, don't you think?

Eat, enjoy, and remember to cross your fingers for luck at your next dental check-up.

*After numerous heated debates following my enquiry as to what exactly the catch-all 'candy' refers to, the general consensus seems to be any kind of confectionery that isn't pure solid chocolate.

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