Sunday, January 10, 2010

Planet Cake Basics 102

First up, square cakes are damn hard to work with. The rumours are true. I am exhausted but very proud to have turned this:

Into this:
Buttercup yellow is my new favourite colour, possibly because it is a similar hue to my coveted KitchenAid.

Basics 102 builds on Basics 101 (tick!) so layering, covering in ganache and creating smooth flat sides and good corners wasn't totally foreign to me. New skills taught in Basics 102 are covering a square cake (so many more corners, so many more edges, so many more opportunities to panic), as well as making a ribbon bow and basic figurine modeling.

As you can see below there is a lot of room for improvement - the figure has rather cracked skin (perhaps she is 90?) and appears to be chinless. With flat feet. Poor lass.

As always I really recommend the Planet Cake courses. They make scary things seem quite possible. And I got some tips on the chocolate mudcake recipe that caused me such angst back in September.


  1. That looks great! I'm doing basics 102 on Friday, I can't wait :)

  2. Thanks. I have no doubt that you will love it!