Saturday, February 20, 2010

I finally attempt macarons

Hell yes, my macaron has feet!! I am pretty proud of my effort given that I've been reading all over the blogosphere about big disasters (the descriptions of which gave me some helpful ideas about what not to do!) I used Canelle et Vanille's recipe for chocolate macarons, and as a filling I tried whipped cream and strawberries, as well as a bittersweet Lindt chocolate ganache. I did intend to make peanut butter filling but I didn't have any PB in the house and I couldn't wait to try the macarons. Peanut butter is DEFINITELY on the agenda for next time, as is a raspberry mascarpone filling... mmmm...

I bought yellow and pink powdered food colourings today from the Essential Ingredient which has just opened up the street, so some coloured macarons could be in order.

Everything I've read about macarons talks about keeping the batter light, some recipes say no more than 40 strokes of the spoon when folding the eggs into the flour/almond meal/icing sugar dry mixture. My mixture looked like this:

It took a while to get the hang of piping macarons into even sized circles, but most of them matched up in the end.
You have to let the macarons sit for half an hour or so before putting them in the oven, according to my recipe it dries them out.

After 16 minutes in the oven I was overjoyed to pull these out, feet and all! Feet are the little ruffly looking bits around the base of the macaron. And feet are apparently good.

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