Thursday, April 15, 2010

Guest Post: A LANYC Peanut Butter Dinner Party

When the lovely LANYC emailed me to share her excitement at the planning of a peanut butter themed dinner party I knew it was going to be a blog-worthy event. I am relieved to see that one of LANYC's original ideas ("I also have this bizzare desire to make a version of devils on horseback with prunes stuffed with pb, wrapped in bacon and grilled. Gross or yum?") did not end up featuring on the final menu.

The Peanut Butter Dinner Party

Peanut butter salsa
Peanut butter hummus with crudites and tortilla chips
West African Peanut stew with sweet potato and kale
Mexican peanut butter brisket (for eating in soft torilla tacos with homemade pink pickled beets, onions, purple cabbage and cilantro 'slaw)
Smoked and seared tofu skewers with coconut peanut satay sauce
Chocolate banana peanut butter cream pie with graham cracker crust
Peanut butter cheesecake pie with oreo crust

Whew. The surprise hit was the salsa. I made this complex peanut butter mexican marinade thinger but then I decided that the menu needed more fresh tasting things so I stuck it back in the food processor with a tin of tomatos, some pickled jalapenos, ground cummin, bunch of cilantro, green onion, red onion and heaps of lime juice and salt. Whiz whiz went the blades, delicious went the salsa. The brisket was also hilariously good - I recommend giving it a go, though it's very very rich.

The pies were tweaked from Joy the Baker and the Pioneer Woman and I used ganache instead of plain melted choc for the first recipe, and made my own version of vanilla custard for the banana layer. In the second recipe - I refuse to use Cool Whip (frozen non-diary 'cream' is foulest chemical thing ever) - so substituted cream whipped with a bit of italian meringue.I'm going to have to do a second peanut butter dinner just so as I can make the sour cream cake and some of the other things I found when researching this menu. I'd still like to do a trashy dinner with elvis sandwiches and the amended devils on horseback... Perhaps peanut butter mac and cheese and peanut butter hamburgers for mains? Oh, the possiblities!

So is anybody inspired to have an 'unusually' themed dinner party any time soon?

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