Saturday, April 3, 2010

Mustaches are dapper

I bought some mustache chocolate moulds months ago when I placed my giant Bake It Pretty order. Around this time I was planning what I hope was a modern and elegant wedding for Rahul and I, but I was also harbouring secret fantasies of an alternative wedding-a-palooza. My imaginary wedding would have had single flowers in jam jars or Orangina bottles which could have been place settings for the lady guests, I'm thinking letterpress labels tied to the bottles with twine. Mustaches, flowers, you're asking where the segueway is. Here you have it. Place settings for the men would have been chocolate mustaches with little name flags tied to them. This wedding would also have had a mariachi band and a pinata. It would have been awesome.

Thankfully my moulds have not gone to waste. My brother is a mustache lover. Not so much on his face, but he has tattooed a mustache on to the inside of his index finger. Nothing brightens a dull day more quickly than a tattooed tache held to the upper lip. Pair that with a silly face and you can't go wrong. So Ben is receiving a box of chocolate mustaches in lieu of eggs this Easter. Happy Easter Bee xxx

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  1. Ooh I love them! How adorable are they! We rarely see moustache molds which makes it that much more special! :D