Sunday, June 20, 2010

A MasterChef Birthday

When Rahul and I were invited to Kiara's MasterChef birthday party we were happy, but when Rahul was asked to pose as guest judge Matt Preston for the event we were beyond excited. It was also a fantastic opportunity to practice my cake decorating skills so I volunteered to be the official birthday cake baker. With pleasing results I think. Kiara doesn't like chocolate so rather than following the usual Planet Cake method of chocolate mud plus chocolate ganache under the fondant I decided to make a vanilla sponge with vanilla buttercream. I was apprehensive initially having read many sad accounts of buttercream gone wrong, but I found that it worked beautifully and it was much easier than I anticipated to get the 'Planet Cake sharp edges.' I wouldn't try it in summer though as it would probably melt off the cake into a buttery puddle.

Kiara is six years old and a keen MasterChef viewer, hence the MasterChef birthday theme. Ajit, her dad, even stole a MasterChef sign from Redfern Coles, social rebel that he is! The thirty (!!) guests were split into red and blue teams, given gorgeous striped aprons sewn by Kiara's clever mum Shy, and each team made an entree (fruit kebabs), a main (pizza) and a dessert (cupcake decorating.)

The parents were competitive, resulting in pirate ships constructed from fruit kebabs. But when it came to the cupcakes the kids refused parental interference and really came into their own. They had evidently never heard of the motto 'more is less'.

Matt Preston was ever present, chatting to the kids (or should I say contestants) and tasting their creations. Frankly this was brave because some of the creations were a bit alarming.

Kids apparently love to make pizza faces.

They also like to poke their fingers into pretty cakes. By the time the cake was ready to be eaten it looked positively dimpled.

What a party! After two hours we were exhausted. And Matt Preston's scalp was overheated underneath his lovely wig. Good times.

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  1. hehe I love it! What a fantastic job you did too and that is wonderful that she is so enamoured of food! :D