Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Smith Family 12* Layer Cake

I loved making this cake. And I loved feeding it to people who had no idea quite how pretty it would be when it was cut. I first read about the 12 layer cake when Bakerella made a fourteen layer version for Valentines Day and I've been waiting for the opportunity to make it ever since.

The recipe was a typical vanilla buttercake spread between 12 cake tins and each baked layer resembled a thick pancake.
The 'pancakes' then had to be stacked and layered with a heavily indulgent chocolate syrup made of cocoa, butter and evaporated milk amongst other things. It got very messy as layers tended to slide all over the place. Yes, that is a ruler in the picture. It was a very handy way of ensuring that the layers stacked evenly.

The completed stack was pretty impressive and according to the recipe could have been served as it was. I decided to add an extra layer of chocolate buttercream icing as Bakerella did in her fourteen layer version, reasoning that half the delight of the cake would be the surprised look on people's faces as I cut it.

It was beautiful! Although this poorly lit photograph doesn't quite do it justice. The problem with photographing food as it's cut and served is that hungry eaters prioritise their eating over my blog and so the quality of my photography seriously suffers!

I was pleasantly surprised by the taste of the cake because frankly the amount of butter, evaporated milk and sugar in the recipe made me wonder if I would immediately go into a diabetic coma after a single bite. The vanilla layers were beautifully moist and the chocolate syrup between the layers was delicious and slightly reminiscent of Hershey's Chocolate Sauce. I'd definitely recommend this recipe to anyone with a sweet tooth.

* Confession time. My cake only had eleven layers. Oops. According to the recipe I should have put a 'scant cup' in each pan. Obviously my cups weren't quite 'scant' enough.


  1. wow that cake was soooooo delicious - but it only lasted about 36 hours after adoption ;)

  2. 36 hours is pretty good given the hungry Wyche appetites!!