Monday, September 20, 2010

Red's Java House

So I'm back and I'm not going to recommence blogging with mouthwatering descriptions of meals at Michelin starred restaurants. Instead I'll tell you a bit about Red's Java House which is by all accounts a bit of a San Francisco institution. As you can see Red's is stuck in a time warp but in a very good way.

During our visit to the States we ate at a few and saw many more than a few retro inspired diners which all lacked the certain charm that Red's has. The menu is straightforward - burger, cheeseburger, double cheeseburger, fries, sodas, beers - and the food is cooked while you stand waiting at the counter. No table service in sight.

Rahul was in charge of ordering which is how we ended up with two double cheeseburgers. These were no meek little (yet trans-fat laden) McDonalds burger patties either, they were biiiiiiig and wedged into a chunk of sourdough with orange cheese and a gaggle of gherkins. The chalkboard menu proudly proclaimed 'no lettuce, no tomato' which means that these burgers are a slice of heaven for carnivores. And as much as I am set in my hippy vegetable loving ways I would be back at Red's in a heartbeat. There is no such thing as too much plastic cheese on your meat, but this maxim only applies in America!

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