Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wedding Cake Baker in Training

I'm diligently working through the list of things to achieve by the time I'm 30 - don't worry, I still have a good eight and a half months to go. In January I will be making a wedding cake for my lovely friends Marley and Rod which is exciting (a) because I get to "achieve" one of my goals and (b) because I absolutely love them both.

Making a wedding cake is a little bit daunting, but oddly my biggest concern is transporting the two tiered cake up the F3 highway in the middle of an Australian summer. I have had nightmares about chocolate mud cakes filled with ganache melting and sliding around the car making a giant muddy mess. Eventually the solution to this problem became obvious. Fruitcake. It's heavy and hardy, it doesn't spoil, and it can be covered in marzipan and fondant for minimum slippage. Having never made a fruitcake before I decided to do a bit of a test run which involved 1.2kg of dried fruit and a fair whack of Chivas (thanks Rahul!)

The test cake has been baked and split into four portions - "edges" that have been cut off for Rahul to snack on, two neatly sliced and marzipan covered rectangles and one square that has been re wrapped and put in the fridge so that I can test the cake's longevity.

Covering squares and rectangles is really not my forte but I completely fluked this baby! Thankfully the wedding cake will be a two tiered round number so I can avoid 8 extra edges.

As the day draws closer you can look forward to some further installments relating to the actual cake. Wish me luck!

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  1. YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. Also I love that you now have a tag called 'Marzipan'. Go marzipan. And THANK YOU EMMIE xxxxxxxx